National Informatics Centre (Ministry of Information Technology) is a premier Organisation in the Field of Information Technology. It provides State of the art solutions for information management and decision support requirements of the State government and Government of India upto district level. NIC has set up a fibre optics based nation wide Computer Communication Network, called NICNET, with over 800 nodes connecting the National capital, the State capitals and District headquarters. The IT services provided by NIC ranges from conducting feasibility studies for Computerization, Designing, Developing and Implementing Computer based Information Systems, undertaking large turnkey Projects including setting up of Networks and Imparting Training and conducting Video Conference Services with Govt. Offices in the Country coming under NICNET NIC has developed extensive expertise in integrating IT based systems. NIC maintains its leading edge with the incorporation of NICNET National Information Highway as an overlay network over the existing network. NICNET has large number of Internet users in the country and is connected to over major networks in countries throughout the world.

The NIC, A & N UT Centre is located at Secretariat Complex, Port Blair. In addition we have district units at South Andaman district(Port Blair), Nicobar District(Car Nicobar) and North & Middle Andaman District(Mayabunder) to cater to computerization requirements of Govt. Offices located in the district.

NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE, Andaman & Nicobar UT Centre, was established in 1988.

Office Address

National Informatics Centre

Andaman State Unit

1st Floor, A Block

General Pool Office Accommodation Complex (GPOA)

Ranchi Basti, Port Blair

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Phone No:03192-232733

NIC ANDAMAN STATE UNIT Phone No : 03192-232733
S.No Emp.Code Name Designation Email id Ext.
1. 1754 Mr. K.Narayanan Sr.Technical Director & SIO 123
2. 4687 Mr. Gautam Gupta Principal Systems Analyst 122
3. 4237 Mr. Narasimha Rao R. Senior Systems Engineer 120
4. 5106 Mrs. Anitha Saji Systems Analyst 105
5. 5783 Mrs. Nahida Nasreen Systems Analyst 106
6. 5983 Mr. Sendil Kumar Systems Analyst 109
7. 6025 Mr. Ramprasad K Systems Analyst 110
8. 6026 Mr. VijayNagu V S Systems Analyst 114
9. 6024 Mr. Saravanan T Scientific Officer - SB 113
10. 6547 Mr. Gopal Krishna Scientific/Technical Assistant-B 116
11. 6548 Mr. Devashish kumar Das Scientific/Technical Assistant-B 112
12. 6841 Ms. Zeenath Bibi Scientific/Technical Assistant-A 128
13. 3534 Mrs. Birasmoni Mondal Assistant 102
14. 5343 Mr. Rajasekharan T. Multi Task Staff 103
NIC South Andaman District Unit, Address: DC Office, Port Blair. Phone No:03192-240656
1. 6462 Mr. Sankar G Scientific/Technical Assistant-B
NIC North & Middlie Andaman District Unit, Address: DC Office, Mayabunder. Mobile No:9531822565
1. 6546 Mr. Raja A Scientific/Technical Assistant-B
NIC Nicobar District Unit, Address: DC Office, Car Nicobar. Mobile No:9476037249
1. 6133 Mr. Pradeep Paulraj Systems Analyst & DIO

Facility Management Support (FMS)
S.No Name Designation Contact No Email id Ext.
1. Mr. Saravanam Network Administrator 9434290191 121
2. Mr. Jagadeeshan S Network Administrator 9933231622 121
3. Mr. Abdul Jaleel Field Engineer 9434273765 121
4. Mr. Ramesh V Field Engineer 9531868739 121
5. Mr. Shiv Kumar Field Engineer 9531836386 121
6. Mr. Alok Kumar Dhali Field Engineer 9476035712 121
7. Mr. R.C Vijay Kumar Field Engineer 9679542678 121
8. Mr. Subrodip Biswas Field Engineer 9531919896 121
9. Mr. M.Karthikeyan Field Engineer 9593175544 121
10. Mr. S. Sudharsanan Field Engineer 9474224799 121
11. Mr. G. Mohan Kumar Field Engineer 9434265438 121