A&N Islands at a glance
  Metrological Statistics
  Hand Book of 2009-10
  Island wise statistical Outline

  Format of Islandwise Basic Statistics     2012-13  

  District Statistical Hand Book 2010-11

  Statistical Practice & Guidelines on   outsourcing of Statistical Actvities

  Note on GSDP

  Statistical Act/Rules of MOSPI, GOI

  Basic Statistics 2010-11

  Price Statistics 2010

  Designating Nodal Officer under the   collection of Statistics Rules,2011

  Citizen Charter

  Transport Statistics 2008-09 to 2009-10

  5 th Economic Census Results
  Economic Survey of A&N Islands 2007-08
  Recruitment Rules
  Seniority List
  Basic Transport Statistics
  Right to Information Act, 2005

Collection, compilation, analysis and retrieval of statistical data for the benefit of the Administrators are the prime areas of functioning of the Department of Economics & Statistics. Planners, Research Scholars, Educationists, Govt. Offices and others from time to time publish annual publications such as Basic Statistics, Andaman & Nicobar Islands At-a Glance, Island-wise Statistical Outline, Meteorological Statistics, Hand Book on Andaman District, Hand Book on Nicobar District & Basic Transport Statistics. 

Major functions include dissemination of data in form of statistical publications, estimation of State Domestic product, Price statistics, Conduct of Agriculture Census, input survey, collection of agriculture statistics- Land Use Statistics, Census of Government employees, Disaster statistics, Economics Census, Economics survey, Basic Statistics for local level development, besides providing assistance to the population census and other census or survey carried out by the GoI and Ministry of statistics as and when required.