Challenges of Construction of Permanent Shelters

Distance from Main Land – 1200 KMS << Please CLICK on the Links to see Images >>
Scattered Islands over a distance more than 550 Kms.


Limited Working Season - 4-5 Months
Limited capacity of Jetties to Handle Cargo
Non-availability of Jetties for Cargo Ships at Chowra, Teressa, Katchal and Nancowry Islands
Challenges of Approaching Sites
Transportation facilities for staff and labourers
Out of 27 locations at Chowra, Teressa, Kamorta, Katchal & Nancowry islands ,Construction materials to 24 locations are to be carried through Stevedoring

Challenges of Stevedoring in Nancowry group of Islands

Video on Stevedoring
Challenges Posed by Monsoon

Scattered Islands over a distance of more than 550 Kms.